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The pastor of Bible Baptist since 1986, he has preached in many of our own States, and started two churches before being called to lead Bible Baptist Church.

Daily Devotion

Thursday’s Devotion

Prayer of Confession

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins…?” 1 John 1:9

Here is a prayer of confession I read recently. It convicted my own heart that I needed to make it my own confession.  I dare you to read it with an open and honest heart before God:

Dear God,

My sin is ever before me… I’ve desired to control and that has only produced fear. I’ve desired power over others, and that has only served to alienate them from me. I’ve desired my own comfort and that has only brought forth anger when my comfort was not achieved. I’ve sought the approval of others and meticulously kept them from seeing my true self for fear of rejection. Idolatry plagues my heart. I’m consumed with thoughts of self-grandisement, self-promotion, and self-service. Sometimes, in my deepest parts I doubt Your perfect will for my life and I want to rule myself.

I cry out to You Lord… Only You can deliver me from the wretched man that I am.

– Pastor Al Hughes

BBC History

Bible-Baptist-Church-030Our History


Bible Baptist Church is the oldest Independent Baptist Church in Kitsap County, celebrating 50 years of ministry.

Bible Baptist Church was started in 1958 as a Bible study conducted by Pastor Henry King in Bremerton, and was officially incorporated in 1963.  In 1968 the congregation moved to Port Orchard and acquired the old Elim Lutheran Church building on Woods Road E. This building was destroyed by a fire in 1985.  Shortly thereafter, the church purchased the old First Christian Church building on Dekalb Street in Port Orchard.

In 1986, Dr. Al Hughes became the church’s third pastor. By 1990 the congregation had grown to the point where the Dekalb St. facility was no longer adequate to comfortably accommodate the congregation’s growing needs. They had a vision to improve the facilities and begin more outreach ministries.

In 1993, God provided four acres of property on Bethel Road for a new church facility consisting of 3 buildings. The first phase was the 4,800 sq. ft. Fellowship Hall and Administrative Office building which was dedicated in 1999. In 2003, our 300 seat auditorium was completed. Work was completed in early 2007 on a 4,800 sq. ft. educational facility for our Sunday School classes, Youth group, and Bible Institute.

During the last fifteen years four men have been ordained to the Gospel ministry. Also, three missionary families have been sent out from our church to serve in China. We sent out a summer missionary to Ukraine in 2008.

We praise God for His bountiful blessings. As a congregation we desire to continue being a place where people can KNOW Christ and MAKE HIM KNOWN.