How The Devil Disguises His Lies

Why hath Satan hath Satan filled thine heart to lie to the Holy Ghost? (Acts 5:3)

Nothing is more important in your thought life than TRUTH.  Truth is liberating (John 8:32)!  Untruth leads to bondage. The reason so many people are in bondage to fear… anger… depression… bitterness… etc is they are believing Satan’s lies instead of believing what God says is true.

The battleground is your mind and thought life (2 Cor. 10:3-5).  It starts when you entertain wrong thoughts. These false thoughts are Satan’s lies that lead to spiritual bondage.

Satan is shrewd. He disguises his lies so they go undeteDevilcted.  He will suggest a false thought to your mind and deceive you into thinking the thought is your own, and not from Satan.  For example, Ananias and Sapphira got an idea to sell some property and give a portion of the money to the church, but pretend they were giving the entire selling price.  They thought this plan to keep “back part of the price” was their own personal plan (Acts 5:2). But Peter detected this was a strategy of Satan (Acts 5:3). That is one of Satan’s most effective strategy’s—Mask his temptations in the guise of your own thoughts.

You see this strategy again in the case when Satan provoked David to  David to number Israel (1 Chron. 21:1).  David thought this was his own idea when it really came from Satan. If he knew this was Satan’s plan he wouldn’t have done it!

Beware of Satan’s lies.  They will often come to you wearing a “mask”— The mask of yourself!  The only way to detect the devil’s lies is by confronting them with truth.


2 thoughts on “How The Devil Disguises His Lies”

  1. And one of the best lies Satan easily gets us to believe is, “I have a right to think-feel-believe this way, because of what was said-done-perceived against me.” I know, because I believed that lie for many years and it held me in so much bondage. If you think that you would never do something like that, then let me ask you this, “Are you willing to pray honestly and humbly for the Lord to tell you the truth? And then are you willing to honestly and humbly listen when the Holy Spirit speaks the truth to you?” Allow God to show you the lies that you believe and allow God to show you the truth from His Word! And then just trust and obey God.

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