Ten Stringed Praise

Upon a psaltery and an instrument of ten strings will I sing praises unto thee. —Psalm 144:9

An elderly gentleman at a midweek meeting offered this prayer: “O Lord, we will praise Thee; we will praise Thee with an instrument of ten strings!”

People wondered what he meant, but understood when he continued, “We will praise Thee with our two eyes by looking only unto Thee. We will exalt Thee with our two ears by listening only to Thy voice. We will extol Thee with our two hands by working in Thy service. We will honor Thee with our own two feet by walking in the way of Thy statutes. We will magnify Thee with our tongue by bearing testimony to Thy loving kindness. We will worship Thee with our heart by loving only Thee. We thank Thee for this instrument, Lord; keep it in tune. Play upon it as Thou wilt and ring out the melodies of Thy grace! May its harmonies always express Thy glory!”

Take a few moments to praise God today for His manifold blessings in your life!

4 thoughts on “Ten Stringed Praise”

  1. I enjoy every bit of material that you post. I really needed this one. I was due for surgery this past Monday and was denied due of my heart condition. I am 73 years old and have been preaching for over 50 years. I pastor in Indiana.
    Thank you so much

  2. God bless you Brother Jones. Your faithfulness in the ministry over the past 50 years should be an encouragement to every preacher of the Gospel! Preach on, brother!

  3. This is truly a powerful representation of our lives as God’s instruments. Thanks so much for inviting us into your devotion moments.
    May I have permission to share this, with your information, on my Facebook and Twitter?

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