“I Stand In Doubt Of You”

“I Stand In Doubt of You”

“…for I stand in doubt of you.” —Galatians 4:20

Paul established the church in Galatia.  But, now just a short time later, the church at Galatia was wavering and being lead astray in to legalism.  Therefore, Paul wrote to them, “I stand in doubt of you.”

He doubted how much false doctrine had infiltrated into their lives. He doubted where they stood spiritually. Had they genuinely received Christ, or were they never truly saved to begin with?

I have had similar feelings about some members I’ve been the pastor of.  I look at their disheveled lives… their unconcern for church or spiritual things… their waving from one doctrine to another… the worldly people they have as close friends—I say with Paul, “I stand in doubt of you.”

    I do not want anyone to ever “stand in doubt” of me or my salvation.  I never want my behavior, or my companions to cast a shadow of doubt in anyone’s mind where I stand concerning the Lord and His work.

Is the way you are living causing anyone to have doubts about your relationship with Jesus Christ?

One thought on ““I Stand In Doubt Of You””

  1. I stand amazed at wonderful practical
    teaching that you bring out of the Word of God. Thank you
    Your church isvery very fortunate to have you as their pastor who encourages and admonishes them all in the Way!
    May you all keep the Son in your eyes!

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