While Paul waited for them at Athens, his spirit was stirred in him, when he saw the city wholly given to idolatry. —Acts 17:16

What moves you?

I read this week about what moves the icebergs that float in the frigid waters around Greenland.  Some icebergs are small while others tower skyward. At times the small ones move in one direction while their gigantic counterparts go in another. The small ones are subject to surface winds, but the huge ice masses are carried along by deep ocean currents.

God uses various means to move us to action.  Paul was moved when he saw the desperate state of Athens.  He could not sit idly by with idolatry on every hand.

A desperate situation has a way of motivating a person. Consider the children of Israel at the Red Sea.  It is doubtful they would have moved if it were not for Pharaoh’s army pursuing them.

After all Absalom’s requests to meet with Joab failed, Joab was finally motivated to have a meeting after Absalom set his fields on fire.

A famous paratrooper was speaking to a group of young recruits. When he had finished his prepared talk and called for questions, one young fellow raised his hand and said, “What made you decide to make your first jump?” The paratrooper’s answer was quick and to the point. “An airplane at 20,000 with three dead engines.”

Next time you find yourself in a desperate situation, consider what the Lord may be motivating you to do.

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