G.R.O.W. God Rewards Our Work-


One year ago Bible Baptist began the G.R.O.W. outreach program.

This Friday at 7 PM, October 23, we kick off the second year  with a banquet to inform people what G.R.O.W. is all about and how they can participate. Some tasks are so simple that a teen or a senior citizen can accomplish them.

All tasks are geared toward building the church through building lives for Christ.  God intended for all of us to SERVE HIM while we are on the earth. This program gives people a place to serve for His glory!

One thought on “G.R.O.W. God Rewards Our Work-”

  1. First Baptist of Milford, DE has put its G+R+O+W program on hold for the winter season. We will start it back up in March. Do you have suggestions concerning training, etc. during the winter so we will be up and ready in March? I see (above) you had a banquet to restart yours.
    God Bless,
    Marli F. Phillips

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