“Signs of Love”

The Blessings Of Sign Waving

We began a new ministry in March that is proving to be very effective in leading people to visit Bible Baptist Church. We got the idea from Ohana Baptist Church in Hawaii. We simply call it “Sign Waving.” It is very simple and anyone can do it. All a person needs to do is (1) stand holding a non-offensive sign at a busy intersection, (2) SMILE, and (3) wave enthusiastically at people/cars as they drive by. We do this the first Saturday of every month from 10:00 am to noon (see pics below).  We usually have about 20 sign-wavers each time we do it.

Sign Waving 1 This method is nothing new. Politicians use it every time they run for election. They have their supporters out their waving their signs asking people to vote for them. They wouldn’t be doing it if it was not effective. We’ve had visitors the following Sunday almost every time we’ve done it! Some are still attending.

It is important to have the signs readable with large letters, and brief.  Passerby’s don’t have much time to read your sign.  Also, it is best not to quote Bible verses or be offensive.  Let the signs attract people to the church, then give them what the Bible says.

It is also important to have as many sign wavers as possible at one intersection. You want to attract attention to your signs. If only one or two people are standing at a corner, people won’t really be attracted to read your sign. But when you have five or six standing at each corner of an intersection, people who drive by will wonder, “What’s that crowd up to?”

This is not our only means of outreach. We also do “door-to-door” visitation; write letters; make phone calls, etc. It is important to get as many well-baited hooks in the water as you can if you expect to catch any fish (Matt. 4:19).

Let’s follow the command of the Lord Jesus when He said, “Go out into the highways and hedges” and let people know that we are here and that we want them to come to Bible Baptist Church. We need to take advantage of every possible way to reach people.Sign Waving 2

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